L'autre Sainte-Hélène - The other St. Helena

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Some of the documents used in this book, although authored a long time ago, may still be covered under certain moral rights. I have made every effort to locate potential owners of such rights and I extend my thanks to authors and publishers who have given me the permission to quote their sources. However, it is possible that some sources have escaped my attention. If someone happens to know potential owners of a source listed here, I would be glad to know their wishes in terms of using extracts from it, and so would appreciate being made aware of them.

LNapoleonic Library

Note: some of these sources are now available on line through various public web sites such as Google Books, ; links have been provided below, and will be enriched when new documents will become digitized over the time

MANUSCRIPTS L'autre Sainte-Hélène

Napoleon Archives AN 400AP
Napoleon's will
Napoleon's will

Gourgaud's Journal de Sainte-Hélène
Gourgaud's Journal

Bertrand's Cahiers
Bertrand's notebooks


Sir Hudson Lowe's archives (Lowe Papers © The British Library Board)

O'Meara's letter to John Finlaison

Lord Liverpool's archives (Liverpool Papers © The British Library Board)

Gideon Gorrequer's secret diary (© The National Archives of the UK)

Gorrequer's secret diary

O'Meara's letter to Mills
(© Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre)

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Sainte-Hélène - Département des Manuscrits

Las Cases, Emmanuel de, Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Observations on Lord Bathurst’s speech in the House of Peers on March 18, 1817, 1818.

Napoleon's response to Lord Bathurst - 1817


Bickley, Francis, Report on the Manuscripts of Earl Bathurst, preserved at Cirencester Park, &c., H.M. Stationary Office, London, 1923

Chaplin, Arnold, Who's Who at St. Helena, etc, 1914, 1919. Book of 1919

Forsyth, William, History of the Captivity of Napoleon in St. Helena, 1853. Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3

Hook, Theodore, Facts Illustrative of the Treatment of Napoleon Buonaparte at Saint Helena, 1819. Book

Jackson, Basil, A slight tribute to the memory of Sir Hudson Lowe, 1844.

Jackson's tribute to Sir Hudson Lowe - Albion 1844

Morning Chronicle (newspaper)

O’Meara, Barry, An exposition of some of the transactions etc, London, 1819. Book

O’Meara, Barry, A Voice from St. Helena, 1822. Vol.1 Vol.2

Santini, Napoleon’s Appeal to the British nation on his treatment at St. Helena, 1817. Book

Scott, Walter, Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, 1827.

Walter Scott - Life of Napoleon
Walter Scott's "Life of Napoleon"

Stanhope, Notes of conversations with the Duke of Wellington, 1831-1851

Stokoe, John, With Napoleon at St. Helena, edited by Judith Stokoe, 1902 Book

Warden, William, Letters written on board H.M.S. the Northumberland and at St Helena […],1816. Book

Wellington, Supplementary Despatches, Correspondence and Memoranda of Field Marshal Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G., edited by his son, Murray, London, 1864Book

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