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Year 1821

6 May – Early morning, Hudson Loze and the officials come to Longwood to acknowlegde Napoleon's death
Official acknowledgement of death - 6 may 1821
6 May Hudson Lowe & staff acknowledge Napoleon's death

Early afternoon, the autopsy begins
In the evening, the first visitors come to Longwood to pay their last respects

7 May – The final version of the official (British) report of the autopsy is agreed
  Arrangements are made for the funerals
In the evening, a plaster mould is taken from Napoleon face and head
Napoleon is laid to rest and the first three coffins are sealed

8 May – The fourth and last coffin, in mahogany, arrives
Inventory of Napoleon's personal belongings

9 May – Napoleon's funerals
Funerals of Napoleon - 9 may 1821
Napoleon's funerals

Napoleon is carried to the grave
Napoleon's burial

15 May – Reconciliation between Hudson Lowe and Bertrand
Tiffin for farewell at Plantation House

May – Dr. Burton reclamation to the Bertrand's about Napoleon's death-mask
Napoleon's death-mask
Napoleon's death-mask

26 May – The French leave St. Helena
The Tomb of Napoleon
Last visits at Napoleon's tomb

12 June – Dr. Burton leaves St. Helena

25 July – Hudson Lowe and his staff leave St. Helena

29 July – Montchenu and his aide-de-camp, de Gors, leave the island

1st August – The French arrive to Plymouth, then go to London a few days later to get passports

19 August – The French domestics leave England ; Bertrand and Montholon are still waiting for an authorisation to return to France

5 September – Dr. Burton files a complaint in Bow Street against Bertrand about Napoleon's death-mask

8 September – In Paris, Antommarchi claims he is the author of Napoleon's death-mask

21 September – Bertrand and Montholon requests from King George IV that Napoleon's remains should be returned to his family

6 October – Bertrand and Montholon meet with Dr. Stokoe who is about to accompany Joseph Bonaparte's daughter to the USA : 
« The
details that the newspapers have given about the Emperor's final moments are completely false. »

14 November – Hudson Lowe is presented to King George IV during a ceremony

Years 1821-1829

19 April 1822 – Antommarchi loses his court case against the Mascagni family in Italy ; he runaways to Paris

Mid 1822 – Publication of O’Meara's masterpiece book : Voice of St. Helena
Hudson Lowe files a lawsuit against Napoleon's former personal physician

12 August 1822 – Castlereagh commits suicide

Mid 1823 – Hudson Lowe exceeds the legal deadlines for his lawsuit, so the case gets rejected

Beginning 1825 – Antommarchi publishes his book : The final moments of the Emperor Napoleon

1827 – Walter Scott publishes his monumental biography : Life of Napoleon Buonaparte 
  Gourgaud « revelations » are for the first time mentioned to the public ; the book is also critical of Hudson Lowe's policy during Napoleon's captivity

1828 – Sudden death of Dr. Burton
4 December 1828 – Death of Lord Liverpool ; he is replaced by Wellington


Years 1830

27-28-29 July 1830 – "Les Trois Glorieuses" : the revolution of 1830 in France forces Charles X to abdicate

9 August 1830 – Start of Louis-Philippe's reign

2 October 1830 – A petition is presented to the French deputees to request the return of Napoleon's remains

16 Novembrer 1830 – End of Wellington's conservative government ; a liberal government takes over

17 March 1831 – The eldest son of Louis Bonaparte dies in Forli, Italy, during the insurrectional turmoil

4 May 1832 – Gourgaud is chosen as Orderly Officer of King Louis-Philippe
22 July 1832 – Young Napoleon, the Duke of Reichstadt, dies in Vienna from tuberculosis

1833 – Napoleon's deathmask, signed by Antommarchi, is serialised

27 July 1834 – Bathurst dies in his family home, at Cirencester

2 February 1836 – Madame Mère dies in Roma

Year 1840

March 1840 – Adolphe Thiers is chosen as President of the Council

12 May 1840 – The decision to bring Napoleon's returns to France is officially announced

7 July 1840 – The expedition to St. Helena leaves France with the ship La Belle-Poule

August 1840 – Louis-Napoleon, youngest son of Louis Bonaparte, debarks at Boulogne, for a second attempts to raise public fervour and topple Louis-Philippe
He is caught with Montholon, and both are imprisoned in Ham fort

7 October 1840 – The French expedition reaches St. Helena

15 October 1840 – Exhumation of Napoleon's remains and transbordement on board the French frigate
Exhumation of Napoleon in 1840
Napoleon's exhumation

18 October 1840 – The French expedition leaves St. Helena

20 October 1840 – Thiers loses his mandate following the Orient crisis against Britain ; he is replaced by Guizot, more favourable to Anglo-French friendship

30 November 1840 – La Belle-Poule arrives to Cherbourg with Napoleon's remains ; the latter are moved to a steam-boat, La Normande, to be taken to Paris via the Seine river

15 December 1840 – Napoleon's French funerals in Paris ; his coffin is laid at Invalides
Funerals of 1840 in Paris
Napoleon's second funerals
Following years
September 1841 – In England, the conservative party regains the power

10 January 1844 – Hudson Lowe dies in London, in near poverty

1853 – Forsyth's book about Napoleon's captivity, based on the Lowe Papers, is published

2012 - Barry O'Meara's clandestine letters about the captivity of Napoleon are published

Napoleon rising from the grave - byJazet
Napoleon rising from the grave

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