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Napoleon in 1820
Napoleon in 1820

20 January – Napoleon starts a new occupation: shooting. The animals that dare come & disturb his garden fall victims of his skills

26 January – Madame Bertrand has a miscarriage

9 February – Nicholls is replaced by Capt. Engelbert Lutyens

10 March – Napoleon is having his baths in the stone reservoir in the gardens, because the floor of his bathroom, rotten by dampness, has collapsed

17 March – Montholon falls ill

23 April – Dr. Verling leaves St. Helena

26 April – Marriage at Plantation House between the Russian commissioner, Count Balmain, and Charlotte Johnson, the eldest of Lady Lowe's two daughters

30 April – Montholon writes to his wife and asks her to find a new cook for Longwood to replace Chandelier, because of illness

3 May – Balmain and his new wife leave the island

May – Montholon and the French commissioner, Marquis de Montchenu, start to have regular meetings

1st July – Montholon expressed to Hudson Lowe Longwood's disappointment with the persons sent to them by Cardinal Fesch  : 
« Neither of them had read any thing, or could speak five words of French, much less write it. »

4 July – Madame de Montholon informs her husband that the Bonaparte family doesn't want to have anything to do with finding someone to replace him

7 July – Bertrand receives the news of his father's death, occurred in March 1820

13 July – The fleet of Admiral Robert Lambert arrives at St. Helena to replace Plampin's

14 July – Napoleon suffers from vomiting during the night

18 July – Antommarchi confirms the diagnostic of chronic hepatitis for Napoleon, but also states that it originates from gastric disorder :
« The patient's condition does not pose an imminent danger, but banishes any hope of healing in a tropical climate. »
20 July – Admiral Plampin and his fleet leave the island

23 July – Napoleon souffre de nouvelles douleurs au niveau du foie
31 July – Birth of Clémence, daughter of Saint-Denis and Mary Hall: the 5th birth at Longwood
15 August – Napoleon is 51-year old : a mass is performed and the Governor extends once more the perimeter of freedom

20 August – Napoleon goes out on carriage

22 August – General Pine-Coffin arrives at St. Helena to replace Bingham

End August – Madame de Montholon receives an answer from Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese : the request to find a replacement for her husband must come from Napoleon himself

2 September – Napoleon asks Lord Liverpool to transfer him under some European climate, due to his illness

11 September – Napoleon once again suffers from crisis

28 September – Lady Lowe pays a visit to Bertrand's family

4 October – Gentilini, one of the domestics at Longwood, leaves for The Cape ; he is replaced by a British domestic, Edward Richards

Beginning October – Napoleon resumes his outings in carriage, at times with Madame Bertrand but more often with Montholon

4 October – Trip of Longwood and his suite to Sandy Bay, and visit to Doveton's ; the latter notes Napoleon's obesity : « As fat and as round than a Chinese pig. »
Napoleon in 1820 - by Dodgins
Napoleon in 1820 (by Dodgins)

15 October – Antommarchi applies some blisters on Napoleon

November –  Napoleon's health is declining faster and he begins to lose weight noticeably

8 November – Hudson Lowe, on horseback, crosses the path with Napoleon's carriage and can describe his appearance to Bathurst, as he haven't seen his captive since 1816

12 November – Napoleon suffers from pains in the belly

16 November – Montholon and Bertrand try to convince Napoleon to accept to see Dr. Arnott for a second medical opinion

19 November – Madame Bertrand repeats her intent to leave the island in a few months

5 December – Montholon repeats to his wife Napoleon's words : « There is no more oil in the lamp, » and concludes « He reminds me of my poor sister in the last six months before she died. »

9 December – Madame Bertrand visits Napoleon at his bedside
Mrs Bertrand at Napoleon's bedside
Madame Bertrand visits Napoleon during illness

10 December – A British officer reports on Napoleon's look : 
« General Bonaparte
appeared very pale and emaciated. »

14 December – Napoleon goes out from his house to pay a visit to Madame Bertrand, and then does a tour in the carriage with her

20 December – The new principal medical officer, Dr. Thomas Shortt, arrives to St. Helena in replacement of Dr. Baxter

26 December – Napoleon receives the news of his sister's death, Elisa, in Trieste on the 7th August :

« This is the first person of my family to go for the Grand Voyage. A few more months and I will join her. »

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