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16 January – Napoleon is sicked during the night ; Count Bertrand calls for Dr Stokoe

17 January – Stokoe consultation with Napoleon : 
« I should have lived to the age of eighty if they had not brought me to this vile place. »
19 January – Inquisitorial questions of Admiral Plampin to Stokoe

20 January – Plampin reprimands Stokoe

21 January – Last consultation of Stokoe at Longwood

29 January – Stokoe leaves St. Helena : « They will not believe he is ill until they find him dead in his bed. »

1st February – Council of physicians in Rome to assess the state of health of Napoleon, according to the last bulletin established by O'Meara

20 February – Baxter requests from Hudson Lowe to be sent back to England

18 March – Napoleon disapproves of the relationship between Madame de Montholon and Basil Jackson

1st April – Montholon tries to get expelled from St. Helena by bribing Dr Verling

2 April – Napoleon, in bed, receives Ricketts et informs him of his list of wishes to pass on to the British Govt : « Remove me from the island because I have a chronic hepatitis. »

3 April – Madame de Montholon states that she has liver disorder, and requests to return to Europe

14 April – Napoleon requests from Montholon to stay with him, while his wife and children would leave, in exchange for some financial compensation

14 April – Once in England, Stokoe learns that he has to go back to St. Helena ; he believes he would be appointed as Napoleon's private physician

17 April – Montchenu receives fresh directives from the new government in France

2 May – Baxter leaves St. Helena

10 May – Hudson Lowe informs the foreign commissioners of the new dispositions voted by the Allied Powers in congress at Aix-la-Chapelle, concerning Napoleon's custody

26 May – Montholon agrees that his family would leave without him

28 May – Hudson Lowe communicates to Napoleon the decisions from the congress

30 May General Bingham and his wife leave the island

18 June – Graff and his wife leave Longwood ; they had replaced Heyman at the Bertrand's

2 July – Madame de Montholon and her children leave St. Helena
Departure of Countess Albine de Montholon
Departure of Countess Albine de Montholon

8 July – Basil Jackson also leaves St. Helena, with mission to follow Madame de Montholon in Europe, by orders of Hudson Lowe

20 July – Napoleon begins works in Longwood gardens, in order to improve protection both from the heat and from the trade winds
Gardening works at Longwood
  Napoleon working in the gardens

6 August – Napoleon receives a copy of Theodore Hook's pamphlet and makes a protest to Hudson Lowe

15 August – Napoleon is 50-year old. His monitoring is eased for the day : 
« General Bonaparte's birthday. he and his followers left to themselves. »

19 August – During the night, Napoleon suffers from a crisis, tries to raise from his bed but collapses
Napoleon collapses during a night crisis
Napoleon collapses during a night crisis

21 August – Stokoe arrives at St. Helena, only to learn that he will be court-martialled

30 August – Stokoe's court proceedings begin : 
« Despite his entreaties, nobody dared to be his lawyer. »

2 September - Judged guilty of nine charges out of ten, Stokoe is dismissed from Admiralty services

20 September – Arrival at Longwood of the small colony of those sent from Rome by cardinal Fesch ; among them is Dr. Antommarchi, Napoleon's new physican

23 September – Verling is relieved from duties at Longwood

30 September – Death of the infant Josephine de Montholon at Brussels

1er October – At the horse races at Deadwood, Madame Bertrand declares that she will leave the island by spring time
Horses races at Deadwood
Horses races at Deadwood

14 October – Saint-Denis, the mameluke Aly, and Mary Hall get married

November – Longwood's interior gets re-decorated

14 November – Repair of a carriage and a phaeton to allow Napoleon to take exercise in the island

16 November – Napoleon suspects that he suffers from the same illness as his father : a disease at the pylorus 
November – Some epidemics hit the island of St. Helena : 
« In each company, 20 people out of 60 are taken ill. »

26 November – Arthur Bertrand gets seriously ill

29 November – Napoleon continues the works in the gardens : 
He is picking holes in one part of the garden, and raising mounds in another, and carrying horse-dung to other parts. »
Napoleon in his gardens at Longwood
Napoleon as a gardener

21 December – Cholera is spreading from Asia along the maritime route 

19 and 22 December – Night alerts caused by Antommarchi returning to Longwood after sunset

31 December – Hudson Lowe increases the freedom perimeter for Longwood prisonners to most of the island

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