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Longwood perimiter
Guarding Longwood

3 January – O’Meara mentions, for the first time, that Napoleon suffers from the stomach : « [He] had a sickness at stomach this morning, an inclination to vomit. »

13 January – Vomiting resumes : « The nausea has increased, and he had some vomiting in the night of the 13. »

25 January – Gourgaud can't hold it any longer : « If I have to complain, it is of Longwood but not of St. Helena. »

26 January – Countess Montholon gives birth to a girl, Joséphine. Rumours are that she is Napoleon's illegitimate daughter

2 February – Gourgaud decides to leave; Napoleon tells him : « You must declare that you are ill; I will ask O'Meara to give you some certificates. »

4 February – Gourgaud sends a cartel to Montholon

6 February – Death of the infant of a servant at Longwood

7 February – Gourgaud requests from the Governor to be removed from Longwood

11 February – Napoleon sees Gourgaud for the last time : 
« Come, farewell... Kiss me goodbye… »

Chess play with Grand-Marshal Bertrand at Longwood
Napoleon playing Chess with Bertrand at Longwood

17 February – During an interview with Hudson Lowe, Gourgaud complaints about Napoleon : « He has been emperor and he is not any more, and this is what it is. »

18 February – Gourgaud continues his prying chatters : 
« He declaims against his former master in an indecent manner. »

20 February – Gourgaud reliefs himself with the Stürmer couple, during the days that follow : his « revelations » are sent to all the courts of Europe

23 February – Cipriani is suddenly very ill

27 February – Death of Cipriani from a « gastric fever »

11 March – Third death at Longwood : this time, it is a domestic from Montholon service

14 March – Gourgaud leaves the island, with a ship sailing to England : no quarantine period at The Cape

18 March – The Balcombe family leaves the island

22 March – Bertrand writes to cardinal Fesch to request the sending of a Catholic priest

3 April – Departure of Rev. Richard Boys

10 April – O’Meara is put under the same restrictions as the prisoners at Longwood : he resigns from his position
Hudson Lowe wants to force his way in Longwood
Hudson Lowe wants to force his way to Longwood

9 May – Hudson Lowe suppresses the restrictions against O’Meara and reinstates him

10 May – O’Meara confirms to Hudson Lowe his diagnostic about Napoleon : « The complaint is evidently hepatitis in a chronic and insidious form. »
10 May – In London, Gourgaud has an interview in Bathurst office : « Upon the subject of General Bonaparte’s health, General Gourgaud stated that we were much imposed upon. »
15 May – Beginning of the « Boys affair »
25 May – The cooks of Longwood, Lepage and his wife, leave their service

8 June – Lepage and his wife, as well as Bernard Heyman, Bertrand's valet, and his wife and child, leave the island
11 June – O’Meara tries to cure Napoleon with some purgatives, then with mercurial (blue) pills, until the beginning of July

26 June – Mary Hall, the new nursemaid for Bertrand children, arrives at Longwood

30 June – O’Meara accuses Hudson Lowe to tamper with his medical bulletins about Napoleon
11 July – The Stürmer couple leaves the island ; before his departure, the Austrian commissioner complaints to Hudson Lowe : « I speak to you frankly, although you told me that I am a diplomat. »

12 July – Dr Stokoe goes to Longwood to provide a second medical opinion about Napoleon's health

20 July – The orderly officer, Capt. Blakeney, requests to be relieved from the post at Longwood ; he is immediately replaced by two officers loyal to Hudson Lowe, old Lyster and young Basil Jackson : « Four eyes are better than two...! »

24 July – Lyster sends a cartel to Bertrand ; Hudson Lowe removes him from duty and recalls Blakeney

25 July – Dr. O’Meara is expelled from Longwood, by Bathrust orders
  Dr. Verling is sent to Longwood as a replacement, but Napoleon refuses to have him complaining that he is not a private surgeon of his own choice
Napoleon's farewell to O'Meara
Farewell to O'Meara

2 August – O’Meara leaves the island ; on the way to England, at Ascencion island, he verbally accuses Hudson Lowe to have the secret intent to get rid of Napoleon

15 August – Napoleon is 49-year old on this day, but renounces to celebrate his birthday

22 August – Balmain and de Gors leave St. Helena for a trip to Rio de Janeiro

25 August – Gourgaud publishes an open letter to ex-empress Marie-Louise and asks her to intercede with the Allied Powers in order to ease the plight of « illustrious husband »

5 September – Blakeney is replaced by Capt. Nicholls as orderly officer at Longwood

19 septembre – Beginning of the « Holmes affair »

2 October – Hudson Lowe orders to start the building of the new house at Longwood for Napoleon : « There was no ceremony used in laying the first stone. »
10 October – Napoleon lives confined, with no medical attendance, and Nicholls has great difficulty to execute his orders. Once, he meneges to catch a sight of him and compares him to a 'spectre' :
« I am glad you caught a glimpse of the man, or the spectre, but I wish you you were a little closer. »

Napoleon protecting entrance to his room
Napoleon confines himself in Longwood

28 October – In Londres, O’Meara tries to defend himself with the Admiralty, but he is dismissed from the services

2 November – Theodore Hook arrives at St. Helena and remains there for three weeks ; later in England, he will publish a pamphlet against Napoleon, although he had never met the French during his stay

14 November – Gourgaud is expelled from England

End November – O’Meara starts publishing articles in the opposition papers. Bathurst warns Hudson Lowe : « It will be a trial of your temper to read Mr O’Meara’s charges against you. »
29 November – Napoleon has a crisis of vomiting during the night

3 December – The Russian commissioner, Balmain, is back to St. Helena

27 DecemberSaint-Denis and Pierron, two domestics from Longwood, request from the Governor to be sent back to France

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