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Napoleon & his suite in St. Helena
Napoleon & his suite at St. Helena

17 January – Birth of Arthur Bertrand : 
« Sire, here is the first Frenchman who, since your arrival, has arrived to Longwood without Lord Bathurst's permission. »

20 January – Altercation between Napoleon and Gourgaud : 
« Well, it is time for your disputes with Montholon to end. »

21 February – Bathurst writes to Hudson Lowe to be wary of Dr. O’Meara

23 February – The botanist Welle is asked to leave St. Helena

7 March – Longwood receives the book published by Dr. Warden
Books arriving to Longwood
Napoleon receives books from Europe

15 March – Napoleon denies that Gourgaud saved his life at the battle of Brienne

End April – Albine de Montholon is pregnant
The sentries around Longwood
The sentries around Longwood

27 May – A ship brings the pamphlet published in England under the name of Santini, previous domestics from Longwood. Napoleon declares that it is « a publication being both unwary and exagerated, full of coglionerie and fed with a few lies. »
Minister Bathurst is asked to explain its accusations

28 May – A ship brings a bust of Young Napoleon

3 June – Birth of the son of Marchand and Esther Vesey

11 June – After days of hesitancy, Hudson Lowe sends the bust of Young Napoleon to Longwood
The bust of the King of Rome
Napoleon receives a bust of his son

24 June – The tension between Hudson Lowe and admiral Malcolm is at its worstfs
Thomas Reade is accused of spying on the naval officers

29 June – Napoleon suspects that the London Cabinet has ordered his poisoning
soupçonne le cabinet de Londres d’avoir commandité son empoisonnement : 
« This rascal Reade is capable of trying to poison me; he has the key to the cellar, he can change the corks ! »

29 June – Arrival of admiral Plampin and his fleet, to replace Malcolm's ; some « Lady Plampin » is on board…

July – The 53th Foot Regt is replaced at Deadwood by the 66th Foot ; the officers who came to St. Helena in 1815 with the French make their farewells
The verandah at Longwood
The verandah at Longwood House

18 July – Tensions continue to raise between Hudson Lowe and O’Meara
Gorrequer notes : « M. O’Meara
said that had his own opinion and was not used to being influenced. »

5 August – Hudson Lowe reports on the dispute between Napoleon and Gourgaud : « General Bonaparte has said he should not be surprised that Gourgaud put an end to himself. »
Early September – There is a want of wood at Longwood for the chimneys to fight humidity ; Napoleon gets a cold and starts being unwell

10 September – Napoleon orders to break his wooden bed and feed his chimney
Plan of Longwood
The plan of Longwood House

21 September – Earth tremor at St. Helena

5 October – O’Meara suspects that Napoleon suffers from chronic hepatitis : « General Bonaparte has complained of a dull pain in the right side accompanied with a sensation of heat in the same place. »

28 October – Hudson Lowe reprimands O’Meara and instructs him to communicate now through Dr. Baxter

1st November – The affair of the "false bulletins" begins

2 November – Napoleon says to O’Meara : 
« I am sure that, in a short time, this body will no longer exist. »

16 November – O’Meara extracts a wisdom tooth from Napoleon

9 December – New clash between O’Meara and the Governor

13 December – « Dr. O'Meara told me confidentially that he did not give him [Napoleon] more than two years of life. »

14 December – The Governor has an interview with Cipriani

18 December – O’Meara avowes to the Governor the pledge to his patient. Hudson Lowe enrages: « What, Sir, you have thus pledged yourself, without consulting me about it ! »
23 December – O’Meara writes to the Governor & asks his orders in writing

December – Gourgaud declares to Bertrand that he intends to send a cartel to Montholon after his wife would give birth

26 December – O’Meara fears that Albine de Montholon may give birth too prematurely

30 December - Bulletin on Napoleon's health : 
« [He]
complains of the pain in his right side being more severe than it had been. »

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