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18 June – Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo
Napoleon, after Waterloo
22 June – Second abdication of Napoleon

29 June – Departure from Malmaison to reach Rochefort
 1st July – The Navy increases its surveillance of the French ports in Western France

3 July – Arrival at Rochefort

8 July – Louis XVIII enters Paris ; in the evening, Napoleon leaves France from Fouras

9 July – Napoleon settles in the island of Aix
A British fleet, under the command of Captain Maitland, is blockading the access to the ocean

10 July – Savary and Las Cases start negotiations with Maitland who tells them: « Why not request an asylum in England ? »

12 July – The Bourbon flag is hoisted in La Rochelle

14 July – Napoleon makes his decision to seek asylum in England

15 July – Napoleon boards H.M.S. Bellerophon, Captain Maitland
Gourgaud is sent to England, carrying the famous letter from Napoleon to the Prince Regent :  
« I come as Themistocles, to sit at the heart of the British people. I place myself under the protection of its laws, etc. »

Napoleon's farewell to France
Napoleon makes a farewell to France

20 July – The British Govt decides that Napoleon will be detained in the island of St. Helena

24 July –  H.M.S. Bellerophon anchors at Torbay 
Napoleon at Torbay - by Eastlake
Napoleon on board the Bellerophon at Torbay (painting from Eastlake)

24 July - Hudson Lowe is chosen to become the future custodian, or "goaler", of Napoleon in St. Helena
Wellington will later say about him : « He was a stupid man... »

24 July – Start of the "White Terror" in France

26 July – Maitland's fleet leaves Torbay and sails to Plymouth
HMS Bellerophon at Plymouth
H.M.S. Bellerophon at Plymouth

Napoleon at Plymouth
The crowd comes to see Napoleon at Plymouth

30 July – Lord Bathurst, the Secretary for War and the Colonies, set the 26 regulations for the custody of Napoleon

31 July – A representative of Lord Bathurst instructs Napoleon of the British Govt's decision to deport him to the island of St. Helena for custody

 4 August – Departure from Plymouth

6 August – Maitland's fleet meets with sir Georges Cockburn's at Start Point; the latter has been ordered to transport Napoleon and his suite to St. Helena on board H.M.S. Northumberland
Dr. O’Meara is chosen by Napoleon as his personal physician, since the French doctor, Maingault, refuses to follow him to St. Helena

7 August – Farewell of Napoleon to his suite, while those who will follow him embark on board H.M.S. Northumberland

27 August – Cockburn's fleet passes Teneriffe ; thick fog

 1st September – The fleet is off the archipelago of Cape Verde ; strong winds

15 October – Arrival to St. Helena
The island of St. Helena
17 October – Napoleon goes ashore

18 October – Napoleon moves in The Briars
« He is greatly displeased with this island; he says there is nothing good in it but air. »

Napoleon and Betsy Balcombe at The Briars
Napoleon & Betsy Balcombe at The Briars

 5 November – The "Emperor Napolon" officially complains to Cockburn of the restrictions against him
Cockburn answers : « I have no acquaintance of any Emperor being actually upon this island. »
20 November – Ball offered by Cockburn

2 December – Ball offered by Colonel Wilks 

Napoleon with the slave Tobie
Napoleon with the slave Tobie at the Briars

10 December – Napoleon moves to Longwood 

29 December – Captain Piontkowski arrives at St Helena; he was one of the Polish officers who followed Napoleon since his departure from Paris

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